We transform your ideas
into enterprise grade products,
and modernize existing products
through technology.

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Our company aims to provide various consulting services to enterprises. We transform your ideas to user delight using modern technology, tools and process. On a mission to pursue excellence we pride ourselves in our ability to develop quality products.

We never cease to leverage emerging technologies.


We deliver high-quality blockchain solutions to dominate the decentralized world with our top-level blockchain development tools.


We work with a combination of Scrum and continuous delivery providing a proper planned work, transparency and visibility to management and stakeholders.

Cloud Automation

We serve you to backup your data on regular intervals providing version control for workflows, establish infrastructure as code and auto-provision virtual servers to ease your workload.

Test Automation

With automated testing we provide you the service of testing the functionality, load, performance and stress testing your software product using testing scripts and test automation tools.

Machine Learning

With minimal human intervention we redirect you to a path of Artificial Intelligence that will help you finish most of your task in short span of time.


Evolving with technology is one of the key trend and requirement today. With Microservice architecture we serve you to continuos deliver and deploy large and complex applications.


We guide you to discover and amplify your expertise. Our team will help you to find solution in every bit of consequences you went through in your organization.

Mobile Application

We design and construct responsive, interactive and emulative Web and mobile application for your business and enterprises.

The Founders


Jeeva S. Chelladhurai


An experienced entrepreneur, dynamic leader, technical author, and public speaker.

20 years of experience in product development and IT services.

Specialized in Blockchain, Microservice Architecture (MSA), DevSecOps and Multi-Cloud automation.

Hosted multiple technical forums, authored technical books on docker.


Mohamed Ijaz


A tech-savvy developer leading the entire Blockchain team at Comorin.

Apt with Blockchain/Microservice Architect/Docker/Full Stack,

Ethereum, Quorum, AChain, HyperLedger, ERC tokens etc.

Building Scalable products and solving business challenges

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  • Let's Talk: +91 91085 67122
  • Mail us: info@comorin.co
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